Buttons ( Shortcode )


Large Buttons

[button type=”default” size=”btn-lg” text=”button”] [button type=”primary” size=”btn-lg” text=”button”] [button type=”success” size=”btn-lg” text=”button”] [button type=”info” size=”btn-lg” text=”button”] [button type=”warning” size=”btn-lg” text=”button”] [button type=”danger” size=”btn-lg” text=”button”] [button type=”primary” size=”btn-lg” disabled=”true” text=”button”]

Small Buttons

[button type=”default” size=”btn-sm”] [button type=”primary” size=”btn-sm”] [button type=”success” size=”btn-sm”] [button type=”info” size=”btn-sm”] [button type=”warning” size=”btn-sm”] [button type=”danger” size=”btn-sm” title=”Custom Title”] [button type=”danger” size=”btn-sm”] [button type=”primary” size=”btn-sm” disabled=”true”]

Extra Small Buttons

[button type=”default” size=”btn-xs”] [button type=”primary” size=”btn-xs”] [button type=”success” size=”btn-xs”] [button type=”info” size=”btn-xs”] [button type=”warning” size=”btn-xs”] [button type=”danger” size=”btn-xs”] [button type=”danger” size=”btn-xs” title=”Custom Title”] [button type=”primary” size=”btn-xs” disabled=”true”]

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