Time-lapse photography

Time lapse photography is when a photographer takes several hundred pictures while locked down on a tripod over the course of about half an hour.  Then, the pictures are replayed in fast forward so time is compressed.  You have undoubtedly seen time lapse videos before, but you may not be sure how to do it.  Have no fear…  this handy little guide will show you how. Continue reading “Time-lapse photography”

The beauty of analog photography

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A Beginners Guide to iphoneography

If you are going to enter in the world of iPhoneography, check out these tips, tricks, apps, and tools that will help you take your mobile photos to the next level.

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1. Turn off the flash before taking photos of your food

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2. Play with lighting and exposure effects

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3. Wipe off your lens regularly

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4. Don’t rely too heavily on process filters

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5. Few apps meet all your creative needs

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6. Explore the different camera modes

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7. Keep it simple

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8. Shoot the same thing a few times

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9. Avoid using the camera’s zoom tool if possible

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10. Share your photos

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